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I am available to hire for educational opportunities, teaching and curriculum design gigs, and commissioned artwork.

Please reach out! 

To contact me, please email me at: 

Accessibility Notes


Contacting me:

Please let me know if there is an ideal mode of follow up or anything else to consider and I will do my best to honor your needs. 

Web design:

I have done my best to design this website on Wix to be visually accessible by using sans-serif fonts (headers are Spinnaker 40, paragraphs are Tahoma 16, image subtitles are Tahoma 12) with high contrast between text and backgrounds. 

I did not test this site with a screen reader so I am certain there are glitches. Additionally, I have not added alt text for images of student artwork, focusing instead on brief descriptions of lessons and materials. If you are having trouble accessing any material for any reason, please let me know and I will be happy to send you anything and/or update the site. 


You can check out my public fiber art social media account, but recently I've been spending more time offline so posts are infrequent.

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Self Portrait 2020

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